Fly Line Tapering

Here is a well-done column/post that I recently came across while skimming through my Twitter page. The piece is written on fly lines and their tapering…some of you may already understand how important a taper is to a fly-line but if you don’t…please give this a read and keep the basics in mind the next time you pick out a new fly line.

IndianCreek7Pay special attention to the section on Weight Forward (WF) lines because most folks could use a little help in getting a fly to turn over and WF line will definitely give you the special boost you need on windy days. By keeping your fly lines clean and storing them properly after each use…you should be able to get a lot of use from them…when they start to crack or fracture then they have obviously lived past their shelf life and will need to be replaced.

As an addition to this piece; I had a Rio fly line separate this past winter. I boxed it up with an explanation and sent it to the company…I had a new line back in about 10 days. Why do I add this…well, you might pay a bit more for a quality line but the line itself is better and I have always had better luck with companies such as Rio and Scientific Angler. So….give this a read and the next time you go to buy a fly line…consider your taper; many bent rods to you this year!

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