Fly Fishing Small Streams for Smallmouth


This is certainly a year (2019), a spring, that I am glad I’m not a farmer; the weather here in southern Indiana has been…well, awful! Cold and rain…rain and cold! So, while my fishing hasn’t been good, at least I haven’t had the worried of getting grain in the ground like so many of our local farmers. Either way, the opportunities to fish have been few and far between…so, when last night rolled around and a local creek wasn’t so stained that I couldn’t fish…I jumped at the chance to land a few small stream smallmouth.

I want to add one additional note…just recently I had to go from Windows 7 to Windows 10…that alone has been sort of an uprising. To make matters worse…the old standard video tool of Windows Movie Maker is caput…no longer available and so the video attached to today’s piece was made on a new tool…and made with this ‘old-dog’ trying to figure things out along the way. So, be patient and hopefully as the summer progresses and the fishing gets better…my new video skills will also improve!

Back to fishing; as you can probably tell, the stream was about half stained, a bit fuller than usual…and on the way down. Some people shy away from this scenario, for me, I feel like these are ‘green-light’ situations! Clearly our temps recently have been on the rise…which means the water temps have also been going up. All this info adds up to a pretty active night.

In the video I am using a 3-weight rod with WF #3 line…and a size 6 baitfish pattern tied in a tan with some flashy accents. The fly itself had little extra weight which allowed me to fish and swim the fly through areas that smallmouth tend to hang out…waiting to ambush the next meal.

I truly love fishing these little streams and have made it my course in life to fish as many as possible. These ‘hidden-gems’ can be a true treasure trove for the short two hour excursion that one needs to keep his sanity. I would urge you to do some research and seek out the smaller, out of the way stream that can offer some exciting action.

I hope you like the video and if you find yourself asking some questions; please feel free to email me at

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