Fly Fishing for Sizzling Mid-Summer Smallmouth


After a 7,000 mile plus trip to the Pacific Ocean and back…it was good to once again be back home again, in Indiana…and once again swinging a fly for Hoosier Smallies. The weather hadn’t been cooperating at all; not only were the temps in the 90’s with dew points in the mid 70’s…but lots of rain had left me with hardly any options. I did sort of take a break…getting lots done on our property.

It was a time to tie a few flies and once again get organized with my gear. I ordered a new Rio sink tip, type one f/s line for my 6 weight as the old line was simply trashed with cracks and fissures. This also gave me the impetus to tie on new leader material and revamp a lot of my gear for the upcoming late summer smallie bash that usually occurs.

I also have a new German Wirehair puppy (Holly) compliments of a breeder in Wisconsin…thus many of these hot July dog days…began with just that-me and the dogs up early for a walk around our property. If you have ever owned or trained a bird dog, specifically a Wirehair or Shorthair, then you know that a pup can be pretty demanding. This one thinks she owns the place…and maybe she does? Bird dogs are much like fly fishing in that you really do get out what you put in…and there is not replacing lots of ‘happy-timing’; which simply put means lots of good long walks where pup can learn about all the stuff they seem to get into…and most important learn who is the leader of the pack (that is supposed to be me).
Smallie from Big WalnutSo, in this video you will see me catch and land several very nice smallies. Along the way I will explain a bit as to how or what I am thinking; things like fishing downstream (while fishing upstream). The importance of a well-placed/timed upstream mend to get the fly down a bit deeper and give it a stalling point just in front of a predatory fish (like our native smallmouth).

I am also wearing and getting used to my new pair of Smith Optics sunglasses. Now, I have had sunglasses for a long time…but honestly I don’t wear them continuously and realize that the time is upon me whereby I have to have some eye protection from the UV that is out there waiting to jump up and get me. At age 55 I also have to have a pair with readers in them…and Smith makes several nice fishing glasses with either a 2.0 or 2.5 pair of readers at the bottom. I chose copper and the 2.5’s knowing that my eyes and age were heading in that direction. I am an old dog and the new trick of wearing the glasses the entire time was a bit tricky; in fact, the first time I went to spring up on a log to make a casts…well, I misjudged the spring and landed with a ‘ker-plunk’ on the other side of the log…not so smooth! Anyway, I muddled through three hours of fishing and by the end I must admit I had forgotten that I had them on…probably until the next time when the process will start all over again. So, if the video is just a bit off-frame (fish are too low) that is due to the glasses and me trying to focus on the wrong portion of the lenses.

I hope you like the video and can use some of my wisdom…if you do, please give it a like and if you need a fly fishing question answered…well, I will try. Please direct the email to me and I will do my best to answer or figure out how best to help you.

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