Fly Fishing, Friends and Smallmouth on Sugar Creek


We don’t have trout, or not many, here in Indiana…thus the smallmouth is our stream fish and fills a big void for us fly-guys. While you can find smallmouth on many streams throughout the state, Sugar Creek is, in my opinion, the premier smallie stream. On this day my good friend Frank Terkhorn would float and fish about 6-7 miles and enjoy some incredible scenery along the way.

If you have followed my videos then you know that in the past, especially last year, I have had some truly incredible and memorable days afloat on Sugar Creek. On this day we didn’t find any huge fish, those in the 18-20 inch range…but we were able to land several 15 inchers along our drift. It was a day to enjoy the perfect weather and the scenery that is offered by Sugar Creek. On several occasions we were privileged by the company of several bald eagles as they fished themselves along the creek.

Frank and I travel together…but don’t often fish together. On this day we were within ‘ear-shot’ of each other; this allowed us to talk flies and fishing. It also allowed me to film Frank on a few of his fish. Having a friend along makes the day even more special and it is always special to share the events of the day with a buddy.

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