Fly Fishing the Big Walnut for June Smallmouth


Welcome back to another video with Fly Fishing With Jeff. Today I once again am on new water and quite frankly on a day when the weather was as near perfect as can be! The June smallmouth in today’s video range from 10 inches up to several in the 15-16 inch range; they were up in the water column and giving chase to the many baitfish that play a role in the ecosystem.

I am using my 3 weight Winston rod with floating line and a size 6, white, cone-headed baitfish pattern. As you watch the video pay attention to the fact that I am mostly casting back upstream which allows the fly to trickle, trundle and flow into what I like to call the ‘death-zone’…where hungry smallies race out and engulf the fly. This is a very effective way to find and even draw out the more finicky fish from their ambush points.

Just being out on such a spectacular day is worth so much. I love traipsing through the water amidst all the wildlife that calls the BW its home. I’d have a hard time having a bad day in such awesome environs. I have tried to do a bit of ‘coaching’ or instructing along the way in answer to many of the good and inquisitive questions that I field throughout the year. I hope that you can find value in the instruction and if you do…please give the video a-like. Remember to send any fly fishing questions to me via and you might just be my question of the week and get a FFWJ window decal.

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