Feather Craft Meat Locker Fly Box Review

The folks at Feather Craft in St.Louis, Missouri have a great line of products and they are my ‘go to’ for all my fly tying needs and materials…each time I call they go above and beyond the call of duty to help me find exactly what I need.FlysInFeatherCraftMeatLockerFlyBox

I made a big spring order the other day and decided to try their own FC Meat Locker fly box. I didn’t know exactly how good the product would be at just $29.99 (that is half of some of the other fly boxes of the same ability). I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this large fly box and being a guy who strips streamers 100% of the time….wow…it was fantastic to have a large variety in one box; in fact, I combined 3 fly boxes into one and the photo you see is all of my smallmouth and largemouth flies (not all, but all the styles I tie and use). So….if you are looking for a great fly box at a great price…give the FC Meat Locker a look.FeatherCraftMeatLockerFlyBox

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