Doc Willy’s Fly Fishing Book Collection

My good friend, William (Doc/Willy) Hutcheson passed away earlier this spring. You may have read my previous article about Doc and his inventory of fly fishing gear, rods, reels etc… that I was able to sell for the family. Just recently his widow, my good friend, Sherry, brought me a collection of Doc’s fly fishing books and manuals. Below you will see the list, included is the author, year the book was published and anything that would make the book special. For example, many of the books have been signed by the author…so please pay attention to that fact.

My goal is to sell the collection and obviously get a little cash for Sherry. All the books are in mint condition; so please take a look at the list, look the book up and then email me via this website with a reasonable offer. I will consider the offer and then respond; I will charge the exact shipping for the book. If you’d like more than one (or the entire collection) please give that consideration as it will reduce the shipping cost.

  1. Western Trout Fly Tying Manual
    … by Jack Dennis (Forward by Curt Gowdy) – 1974
  2. Micropatterns, Tying & Fishing Small Fly
    … by Darrel Martin (Book signed by author) – 1994
  3. Fly Tying with Synthetics
    … by Phil Camera – 1992
  4. Index of Orvis Fly Patterns (Volume 1A)
    … by John Harder – 1978
  5. Index of Orvis Fly Patterns (Volume 2A)
    … by John Harder -1980
  6. Wet Flies
    … by Dave Hughes – 1995
  7. Fly Patterns of Umpqua Feather Merchants
    … by Randall Kaufmann (Introduction by Dave Whitlock) – 1995
  8. Nymphing, A Basic Book
    … by Gary A. Borger – 1979
  9. Tying Flies with Jack Dennis and Friends
    … by Jack Dennis – 1993
  10. Presentation
    … by Gary A. Borger – 1995
  11. Trout Flies Proven Patterns
    … by Gary LaFontaine (Signed by author) – 1993
  12. Brook Trout
    … by Nick Karas (Signed by author) – 1997
  13. Patterns, Hatches, Tactics, and Trout
    … by Charles Meek (Signed by author) – 1995
  14. Tying Trout Flies, 12 of the Best
    … by Deke Meyer – 1993
  15. Popular Fly Patterns
    … by Terry Hellekson – 1979
  16. Caddisflies
    … by Gary LaFontaine (Signed by author) – 1981
  17. Tying Nymphs
    … by Randall Kaufmann – 1994

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