Switch Rod – A New Trick for an Old Dog

I am not sure how many of you out there have ever tried to spey or switch casts? It has been on my mind for a couple years now. As I get closer to retirement I am giving more and more thought to fly fishing the many places that are on my list. Some of […] Read more »

Golden Trout Lanyards

If you are like me and have a pretty eclectic set of hobbies (fly fishing) then buying a Christmas gift is tough for anyone and thus my wife has turned over the reigns to me and this year I found an awesome gift…for myself. I purchased a new lanyard from Golden Trout Lanyards out of […] Read more »


For those of you who are avid fly fisherman and may not have the time to tie or the ability to tie your own flies…then Monthlyfly.com is perfect for you. I have been a part of it now for about 3-4 months. I am an avid fly tier…but like the fact that I am getting […] Read more »

Redington Wading Boots – Product Review

If you are like me…having comfortable shoes is about as good as it gets; especially in the water when you are walking all day. I recently purchased a pair of Redington Palix River Sticky-Rubber Wading Boots from Cabela’s, they were $89.99. I immediately put 10 studs in each boot for more traction, then made my […] Read more »


If you are over 50 (like me) then you are in the generation where technology is really astounding. Point in case, the other day I went to visit my granddaughter Zoey and when we walked in she was sitting in front of an I-pad, playing a game; she knew what she was doing and she […] Read more »

How To Install Goat Head Spikes On Your Wading Boots

The video that follows is short…but might just be an important one if you currently are wading with rubber wading boots. You will see me attaching Goat Head spikes to my Simms Wading Boots in an effort to be more stable while wading. If you have had issues with the rubber not being as safe […] Read more »