The Perfect Time for a Float Tube

If you are one of the many that has contacted me over the past few months in regards to float tube fishing…there is no better time than right now to act. The folks at The Creek Company have a new run of float tubes that will be ready for shipment on April 15th; I know […] Read more »

Dive Boots For Float Tubers

Hey fellow float tubers…how do you get from your vehicle to the waters that you are about to float/fish? I am not sure how you go about it….but through the last 10-12 years I have suffered through several options. Now I must admit that I am a bit lazy here…I don’t like to put wading […] Read more »

GoPro Session Video Camera Product Review


How would you like to own a video camera that is waterproof down to 33 feet, shoots video in 1080p, takes still frames, does time lapse, operated with a one touch button that you really can’t mess up…and best of all, is under $200 dollars! Let me take a minute of your time and tell […] Read more »

Cabela’s – Here in Indiana

It was way back in 1986, I was driving through the panhandle of Nebraska when I can remember seeing a small sign pointing me to the southwestern Nebraska town of Sidney, and a Cabela’s store. It was just a few miles off of US 26, I took a left and wound up shopping at my […] Read more »

Creek Company ODC 420 Float Tube Product Review


This video is a product evaluation of the Creek Company ODC 420 float tube. The company has added new technology to the already existing ODC 420 float tube. You can now inflate/deflate the tube easily through the outside of the bladder….before you were required to go inside the pockets…but now you can easily make adjustments […] Read more »