Pheasant Hunting the PQ Ranch with Jim Merten


While this is a fly fishing site, many of you who have followed for a while know that I have long been an upland bird hunter, pheasants to be very specific. Truth is that I find a large number of similarities between pheasant hunting-following a good bird dog…and chucking a streamer in search of a […] Read more »

A Day Afield for Pheasants at the PQ Ranch in Indiana


If I am lucky, each year I get to extend my pheasant season just a bit longer as the result of an invite from my good friends Jim Merten and Skip Hendricks. These two ‘Sportsmen’ along with a few other fellow conservationists have taken 450 acres of Indiana farmland and turned it into one amazing […] Read more »

Astoria – The Follow Up to Lewis and Clark

As you may know after reading my column here in The Journal for a while…I am an adventurists, a traveler and someone who loves to read and experience the history of our great nation-The United State of America. Before leaving on my most recent trip to Montana I purchased a copy of a book written […] Read more »

2016 Another Year

2016: Two Thousand Sixteen or Twenty-Sixteen; no matter how you say it, we have arrived at yet another year. Keep in mind that the kids entering high school this upcoming fall were born after Y2K! They don’t know what it is to actually be physically connected to a phone…in fact I am guessing that most […] Read more »

The Pheasant Farm

The grass was about waist to chest deep and with a low morning sun, was as gold as gold can be. It, the grass, was thick, there was an under layer that was at least 30 inches deep that would shield off most cold northern winds while at the same time providing a base of […] Read more »

Cast and Blast on a Perfect November First

As I get older I have come to know that there are lots of good days mixed in with a few inevitable not-so-good-days…the bonus is that occasionally there are those days that are just special, better for a myriad of reasons; November 1 was just this kind of day. Any day in which you get […] Read more »