Fly Fishing Gear For Sale

Hey folks…it is time to clear out some of my fly fishing gear. Come on, you know what I mean; each year you collect gear and add a little more and before you know it, you have ‘extra-stuff’! So, it is time to move some along to a few of you. My hope is that […] Read more »

Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing

I hope you can peruse and enjoy this series on ‘the ultimate guide to fly fishing’. You may think you know it all…but I bet that if you take a minute and stroll through the pages you will find that there is some very useful information. If nothing else then pass along this well done […] Read more »

My Dad

If you have been an avid follower of my blog then you know how important my father, Ivan Carmichael, was to me. I haven’t done much fishing in the past few months; partly due to a pretty crappy winter here in southern Indiana…and partly due to the fact that my dad has been fading away. […] Read more »

Pheasant Hunting the PQ Ranch with Jim Merten


While this is a fly fishing site, many of you who have followed for a while know that I have long been an upland bird hunter, pheasants to be very specific. Truth is that I find a large number of similarities between pheasant hunting-following a good bird dog…and chucking a streamer in search of a […] Read more »

A Day Afield for Pheasants at the PQ Ranch in Indiana


If I am lucky, each year I get to extend my pheasant season just a bit longer as the result of an invite from my good friends Jim Merten and Skip Hendricks. These two ‘Sportsmen’ along with a few other fellow conservationists have taken 450 acres of Indiana farmland and turned it into one amazing […] Read more »

Astoria – The Follow Up to Lewis and Clark

As you may know after reading my column here in The Journal for a while…I am an adventurists, a traveler and someone who loves to read and experience the history of our great nation-The United State of America. Before leaving on my most recent trip to Montana I purchased a copy of a book written […] Read more »