Fly Fishing the Big Walnut in Mid-Summer


Let’s be real clear…there are certain times of the year when a smallmouth bass can become as intelligent as any fish around; truth be told, on my most recent fish finding excursion…they were operating at a Mensa level. The water on the Big Walnut was not only gin clear, but very low…as low as I […] Read more »

Fly Tying a Reverse Bucktail Fly


This video came about from several requests for me to tie the reverse bucktail fly after several videos over the past couple of months. Like any fly… this is a fly that continues to change and morph into what it currently is today and I am sure that there will be future changes as well. […] Read more »

Fly Tying – The BP Special

Hey folks… I had some requests to show the BP special (the BP stands for my buddy Bill Pacey). Bill is an avid fly fisherman and an excellent fly tier who lives in Memphis, TN. This fly, the BP Special, is a real killer and you can fish it for anything…smallies, largemouth, crappie, etc….in fact […] Read more »

Spring Fly Fishing for Smallies with a Fly Tying Demo


In today’s video you are going to see me land a couple of nice smallies in a medium sized stream here in southern Indiana. The weather was spectacular…especially for mid-April and I was able to wet wade which is always a treat. The water was up about a foot and flowing harder than the usual […] Read more »

What Fly Should I Use – Part Three

So glad you are back with me once again…this is the third and final part in our series on “What Fly to Use”. In our first part we talked about finding out what kind of fly-guy you really are… Part 2 took a look at presentation, size and confidence in a fly. Today we are going […] Read more »

What Fly Should I Use – Part Two

In a previous post we discussed part one of ‘what fly to use’, in part 1 we discussed finding out what kind of fly fishermen you really are…knowing that your ‘leanings’ would dictate what fly would be best for you in various situations. Obviously some of this is also based on what types of equipment […] Read more »