Fly Fishing Tips

Tips to help you become a better fly fisherman or woman.

Tying Fishing Knots

Hey folks, give this piece a read…especially If you are just getting going in fly fishing. Knots are your last contact point to the fish, to your quarry and if your knots aren’t good…well, let’s be clear…your big fish is just going to swim away. As you read this piece pay attention to the most […]

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Fly Tying – The BP Special

Hey folks… I had some requests to show the BP special (the BP stands for my buddy Bill Pacey). Bill is an avid fly fisherman and an excellent fly tier who lives in Memphis, TN. This fly, the BP Special, is a real killer and you can fish it for anything…smallies, largemouth, crappie, etc….in fact […]

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Fly Fishing for Smallmouth on New Water


One of my very favorite things to do is working and fishing new water. Frankly, here in southern Indiana…I don’t get that opportunity a lot due to the fact that I have been on many of our good smallmouth waters. When our trip to Sugar Creek fell through due to torrential rains in northern Indiana…my […]

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Three Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Streamer Fishing

Just this week I read a short but interesting piece on MidCurrent Fly Fishing News (if you don’t subscribe to it….it is a weekly blurb online and well worth the time). The topic was the three things I wish I had known when I started fly fishing. This got me thinking and therefore, below, are […]

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Legalities of Using a Float Tube for Fishing

A recent situation prompted me to write the following e-mail regarding the legalities of float tube fishing … Greetings, I am a high school teacher and avid fly fisherman who lives in Owen County. A friend of mine who has a float tube (as I do) recently went to Spring Mill to partake in the […]

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The Perfect Time for a Float Tube

If you are one of the many that has contacted me over the past few months in regards to float tube fishing…there is no better time than right now to act. The folks at The Creek Company have a new run of float tubes that will be ready for shipment on April 15th; I know […]

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