The Big Walnut- Late September – Low Water


Fly fishing in low water conditions can sometimes be a tough gig; truth is I have found that usually it is all or none. The water while being low…can create a ‘fish in the aquarium’ situation, making for potentially easy fishing; it also adds a definite level of difficulty as the water is usually clear […] Read more »

Fly Fish a Mouse Pattern

Hi folks…. here is a great article from another fishing web site that demonstrates how to fly fish a mouse pattern. It is very well written and for sure, lots can be learned from the article and the illustrations. If you haven’t ever fly fished with a mouse pattern, you are missing out on some […] Read more »

Fly Fishing Poppers for Late Summer Smallmouth


I have had a couple of requests on the ‘how-to’ of popper fishing for smallmouth. While fly fishing poppers is a method I don’t use all the time (poppers just don’t always attract smallies)…when the time is right, as it was on this night in early September, a popper is not only fun, but very […] Read more »

Choosing the Right Fly Rod and Reel

I recently read an article about choosing the right fly rod and reel. I have included the link to this article on my site because it answers so many questions and does so very well with great illustrations. This will allow the beginner to sit, read, think and relax a bit before being confronted with […] Read more »

Fly Fishing Small Creeks for Summer Smallmouth


This, the summer of 2017, has taken me from here in southern Indiana, west to the Pacific Ocean and then back to the Midwest in northern Wisconsin…all in an effort to see our great country and to fly fish for various species along the way. Ultimately my fish of choice is always going to be […] Read more »

Tying Fishing Knots

Hey folks, give this piece a read…especially If you are just getting going in fly fishing. Knots are your last contact point to the fish, to your quarry and if your knots aren’t good…well, let’s be clear…your big fish is just going to swim away. As you read this piece pay attention to the most […] Read more »