What Fly Should I Use – Part One

“So, what fly should I use?” … For those of us old enough to remember, this is indeed the $64,000 question. I field this question often; both via email and in person…while on the stream. Truth is I would love to be able to help and throw out a quick quip that would suffice…but it […] Read more »

6 Fly Fishing Myths

6 Myths of Fly Fishing is a short piece that I read awhile back as I was sitting, feet up, at home while watching the Olympics…I might add that I just got home from four hours of walking one of my favorite creeks on a hot August day! You will like this piece if you’re […] Read more »

Hey Streamer Guys – Match the Hatch

On my most recent fly fishing trip up through Iowa, Wisconsin, Canada and both upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan…the idea of matching the hatch became a factor that I just couldn’t ignore. Most often we associate the idea of “match the hatch” with the dry fly guys…possibly even those sub-surface specialist of the nymphing […] Read more »

Fly Tying – How To Tie The Weighted Trout Candy Fly


This video shows me tying one of my favorite flies….a weighted trout candy fly (aka heavy trout candy fly). The fly is tied on a size 10, 6X hook with gray marabou and pearl palmer chenille as the body. It has about 15 wraps of .025 lead behind a small cone head. This is truly […] Read more »

Missouri Trout Parks – Tips and Advice – Montauk


This is Part 2 of my series of Tips and Advice for fishing the Missouri Trout Parks. Part 1 was Bennet Spring. The others are Maramec Spring and Roaring River. OK…so, let’s talk a bit today about another of the four Missouri Trout Parks…Montauk State Park is located in central Missouri about an hour south […] Read more »

Missouri Trout Parks – Tips and Advice – Bennet Spring


I won’t claim to be the most experienced Missouri Trout Park fly-guy…but over the last decade I have fished all four, many times and thus want to give you DIY fly fishermen some advice and tips to make your time more enjoyable. From east to west, the four trout parks are; Merrimac Springs, Montauk, Bennet […] Read more »