Float Tube Fishing Tips

Tips specifically related to fishing from a float tube.

Stringer Readiness – Float Tube Fishing Tip

If you are using your float tube, often you will find times when you need a stringer and one simple remedy is to buy a low priced, metal stringer and attach it to your “D” ring on the right, rear side of the float tube. Next, fold the stringer up and place it in the […]

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Creating Lag With Your Float Tube

If you are a stream, or moving water fly-fisher then I know you understand lag in your line and that lag is created by the flowing or moving water. The same can, and in the right situation, should be created while fishing in your float tube. First… How … You need to put the bank […]

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How To Troll Small Ponds And Lakes With A Float Tube

Here’s a tip on how to use your float tube to troll while fly fishing small ponds and lakes. This method is best if used with a sinking line or sink tip line. Make a long cast, allow the line to sink and then start kicking backwards and just like you were driving a boat, […]

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