Fly Fishing for Carp from a Float Tube

Possibly you view a carp as a big goldfish…maybe you don’t really even know what a carp is? In the fly fishing world carp are now a pursued commodity…the freshwater bonefish as many have called them. Truth is that until just recently I hadn’t been able to actually hook a carp on a fly…but that […] Read more »

Fly Fishing for Carp from a Float Tube – Video


You are about to watch a video that I shot while fly fishing for carp in my float tube in the Greene-Sullivan State Forest near Linton, Indiana. There was a moth hatch going on and as the moths hit the water…the carp were moving in and gobbling them up. I tied on an olive bugger […] Read more »

Trolling in a Float Tube

As the years go by, one would hope that we get a little smarter? It doesn’t matter if it is handling money, work or even the big picture of life itself…but for sure I have started to fish ‘smarter’. There are fly patterns, lakes, streams and methods that work at various points of the year. […] Read more »

Top Water Bass From A Float Tube


The video that follows was shot using my GoPro headmount at a little lake in southern Indiana in mid-June. I caught loads of nice, healthy, 12 to 15 inch bass using a shad popper from my ODC 420 float tube. It is very simple fishing…but was one of the nicest mornings I have had in […] Read more »

Catching Bluegills From A Float Tube

This video was shot on a Sunday afternoon when I needed to relax and relieve stress…there is no better way than from the seat of a float tube, fly rod in hand…and lots of hungry bluegills below. This is a very simple plan, tie on a size 6 yellow and black bitch creek nymph to […] Read more »

Float Tubes And The New Voyager

I have been a float tube person for several years now and probably can boldly state that I logged about as many hours in the Creek Company’s ODC 420 as anyone. The progress and technology made in float tubes over the past 20 years has been remarkable to say the least. In the old days […] Read more »