Legalities of Using a Float Tube for Fishing

A recent situation prompted me to write the following e-mail regarding the legalities of float tube fishing … Greetings, I am a high school teacher and avid fly fisherman who lives in Owen County. A friend of mine who has a float tube (as I do) recently went to Spring Mill to partake in the […] Read more »

The Perfect Time for a Float Tube

If you are one of the many that has contacted me over the past few months in regards to float tube fishing…there is no better time than right now to act. The folks at The Creek Company have a new run of float tubes that will be ready for shipment on April 15th; I know […] Read more »

Get Your Float Tube On

It is mid-February here in Indiana, light fluffy snow-flakes are flying…but all I can think about is the next few months when the weather starts to cooperate and once again I am ‘back in the saddle’ atop my Creek Company ODC 420 float tube. For some the idea of a float tube is foreign. For […] Read more »

Dive Boots For Float Tubers

Hey fellow float tubers…how do you get from your vehicle to the waters that you are about to float/fish? I am not sure how you go about it….but through the last 10-12 years I have suffered through several options. Now I must admit that I am a bit lazy here…I don’t like to put wading […] Read more »

Spring Bass From A Float Tube


Spring has sprung…and for us fishermen, it is an exciting time of the year as the water begins to warm and fish begin to put on the feed bag after a long and arduous winter. Bass in particular become almost ravenous and regardless of size will eat about anything that they think is food and […] Read more »

A Two Footer

If you have been reading my column or following me online then you know that one of my goals, maybe even a bucket list item has been to catch a double digit bass, from my float tube, on a fly I tied…and of course on a fly rod. Well…this past weekend, while you may have […] Read more »