How To Set Up A 6 Weight Fly Fishing System


All too often I get a wide array of questions….but more than any other are questions about leader, tippet and fly line for my 6 weight fly fishing system. I am also often asked about having just one weight of fly rod or system….what would it be? After many years and much deliberation…I guess I […] Read more »

Fly Casting Lessons – With a Follow Up

Through the years I have had to cringe, sorry to say, while watching folks casting in various streams and other waterways. It is much like watching a really bad golf swing…especially if it is someone you know…and you know that you could indeed help their swing. The truth is fly-casting and swinging a golf club […] Read more »

Fly Fishing the Big Blue River in Scenic Southern Indiana


New water excites me… I can’t hardly wait the night before as I build with anticipation. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with the waters I have already fished, especially if they are loaded with big hungry fish…but a new pool, riffle or bend is hard to describe…maybe you understand…if you don’t, I probably can’t […] Read more »

Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing

I hope you can peruse and enjoy this series on ‘the ultimate guide to fly fishing’. You may think you know it all…but I bet that if you take a minute and stroll through the pages you will find that there is some very useful information. If nothing else then pass along this well done […] Read more »

Fly Fishing Catch and Release at Bennet Spring


Let’s be clear, anytime a person can get out in December, in The Midwest, to fly fish….is a good time. So it was that my friends, Frank Terkhorn, John Morgan and I left my home early on Friday, December 8th; we were headed west about 400 miles to one of my favorite places in this […] Read more »

How To Set Up A Fly Reel


MidCurrent, a very informative fly fishing web site, has an excellent video from Tim Flagler on “How to Set up a Fly Reel”, explaining how to load backing and fly line onto your new fly reel. Not only does Tim show you how and how to determine how much… but along the way he shows […] Read more »