Fly Fishing Adventures

Jeff’s summaries of his fly fishing exploits.

Small Stream Smallies

Back in 2010, I had a great day fishing for small mouth bass in some creeks I decided to re-visit recently. I made my return to the same holes where once again I had a great experience, finding several fish…and one great big bruiser that snatched my streamer after breaking me off. There is just […]

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My Big Bass

Sunday, April 17th started out like many other Sunday’s as we made our way to church and did a little shopping for the week on the way home; all this knowing that I was on a timeline and would be meeting Frank Terkhorn at my parent’s house prior to going fishing for a while. By […]

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Fly Fishing for Catfish???

I don’t know about you, but catfish are not one of the ‘premier’ fish on my bucket list….but let’s just say that if they were on my list….I can now cross them off. I got a call from my buddy Frank with an invitation to a new lake that he had secured permission for us […]

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Meramec Springs, Missouri Trout Park

Being from southern Indiana one must take their trout fishing opportunities where and when they can get them and just such an opportunity presented itself over the weekend of March 25th and 26th…as I had to return to Rolla Missouri to pick up my 1997 Suburban which had blown a transmission on the way home […]

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Island Pit Lake, Indiana Trout Fishing From a Float Tube

OK….I know trout, trout, trout…land one and you will quickly know why they are such a sought after species and frankly they are “delicioso” on the table; no wonder why I go to lengths to put myself in and around these little marvels of nature. This past weekend was just such a case; I left […]

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My Fly Fishing Farm Pond Slam

This past weekend was one great fishing weekend. Soon after school was over on Friday, Jonas and I sped away, camper in tow, to the Narrow Lake campground in the Greene-Sullivan State Forest. We parked the camper and drove the few miles to Island Pit, in the Minnehaha FWA. We were in search of rainbow […]

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