Fishing (Miscellanious)

The Things We See While Fly Fishing

I am always amazed at the variety of wildlife that I experience while in nature and fly-fishing…this past Thursday night I walked about 4 miles of one of my favorite creeks and did very well catching a batch of nice smallies…but as I walked down the stream I ran across a family of geese with […]

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When You’re Hot …

Believe it or not I have kind of become ‘techy’…let’s just say that compared to 5 years ago I have a few toys that frankly I wouldn’t have thought myself capable of understanding or using! I recently purchased a fishing app for my Ipad; it cost me $2.99 and thus far I have only paid […]

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Bass Eating Bass Video

This is an amazing video captured by a fisherman that shows how aggressive a bass can actually be. I have seen this many times before with predatory fish. This past year (2012) I caught the largest smallmouth yet, due to this very instance. I had caught a small spotted bass of about 9 inches on […]

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