Legalities of Using a Float Tube for Fishing

A recent situation prompted me to write the following e-mail regarding the legalities of float tube fishing … Greetings, I am a high school teacher and avid fly fisherman who lives in Owen County. A friend of mine who has a float tube (as I do) recently went to Spring Mill to partake in the […] Read more »

Doc Willy’s Fly Fishing Collection

In the summer of 1986 I turned 24, got my first Master’s Degree and moved 1,275 miles from southern Indiana to Casper, Wyoming. I was going to be a special needs teacher in The Natrona County School District. Wyoming and I were a great fit as there was plenty to hunt and fish. As you […] Read more »

The Perfect Time for a Float Tube

If you are one of the many that has contacted me over the past few months in regards to float tube fishing…there is no better time than right now to act. The folks at The Creek Company have a new run of float tubes that will be ready for shipment on April 15th; I know […] Read more »

2016 – The Year In Review

If you are like the rest…each year Auld Lang Syne is sang on New Year’s Eve; you may not know, but the tradition goes way back, in fact it goes back to the Scottish who would come together on the last day of the year to celebrate Auld Lang Syne (for old times’ sake). They […] Read more »

Fly Fishing Art Work

Maybe you are like I am…I really appreciate art, good art, you know the kind that actually makes sense, not the kind whereby you have to stand on your head and squint your eyes to even have a clue what the art is about? I must admit that I love to look at good art…especially […] Read more »

6 Fly Fishing Myths

6 Myths of Fly Fishing is a short piece that I read awhile back as I was sitting, feet up, at home while watching the Olympics…I might add that I just got home from four hours of walking one of my favorite creeks on a hot August day! You will like this piece if you’re […] Read more »