Fly Fishing, Friends and Smallmouth on Sugar Creek


We don’t have trout, or not many, here in Indiana…thus the smallmouth is our stream fish and fills a big void for us fly-guys. While you can find smallmouth on many streams throughout the state, Sugar Creek is, in my opinion, the premier smallie stream. On this day my good friend Frank Terkhorn would float […] Read more »

Fly Fishing the Big Walnut for June Smallmouth


Welcome back to another video with Fly Fishing With Jeff. Today I once again am on new water and quite frankly on a day when the weather was as near perfect as can be! The June smallmouth in today’s video range from 10 inches up to several in the 15-16 inch range; they were up […] Read more »

Fly Fishing Sugar Creek – June of 2017


Sugar Creek is, in my opinion, the Hoosier State’s best waterway…beautiful, remote and full of smallmouth that are willing to take a well presented fly. This year, 2017, has been a tough one thus far as we have battled high water for the first 6 weeks of the fishing season and in fact, it took […] Read more »

Fly Fishing New Water on the Big Walnut


Welcome back to another fly fishing video. In today’s video I am fly fishing new water…on the Big Walnut in south-central Indiana. Right up front I will let you know that this was a Saturday in early June and frankly the stream was crowded. I am not a snob or opposed to others fishing but […] Read more »

Spring Small Creek Fly Fishing for Rock Bass and Smallmouth


What I have found…and came to love about fly fishing is a simple truth; not every night out needs to be about catching tons of fish or big lunkers. Maybe that is a sign of maturity…which would surprise some folks in my life…or maybe it is a sign of how much I truly love nature. […] Read more »

Where To Fly Fish Out West With a Beginner

Hey fly-guys…take a look at this post from MidCurrent written by Skip Morris entitled “Where Should I Take a Beginner Out West?” This is a question and answer forum and Skip goes into detail on a few things to think about when heading out west and looking for a river to fish. This post is […] Read more »