Downsizing is a term that is not only in the news these days, with small cars, homes, etc…but to some degree is a sensible move in direction for a country where for far too long bigger was certainly thought of as better. Over the past few years I have begun to understand that a minimal […] Read more »

August On Sugar Creek


I called Frank Terkhorn on Saturday night…our conversation was quick and frankly to understand it you would almost need to speak our code, our fly fishing code that is. “It’s still running under 100 and the rain they were supposed to get last night, it fell west of our entry. I think we should be […] Read more »

Bethsaida – House Of Fishing

As I sat in church (Sherwood Oaks Christian Church-Bloomington, Indiana) this past Sunday our minister, Tom Ellsworth began by talking about the origin and meaning of the word Bethsaida, which he went on to tell us meant ‘house of fishing’. He spoke about Peter, James and John who were all fishermen on the Sea of […] Read more »

A New Fly Fisher

I often preach about leaving a legacy; to my own sons, to students at school, really about any viable audience I can muster…fly fishing for me isn’t any different. It is, and always has been, such a big part of my life and thus sharing the joys with others is very important. Through my website […] Read more »

Fly Fishing The Big Walnut


Fishing when July rolls around can at times be a crapshoot…especially if you are looking to fish on still waters as the temps within the lakes climbs and climbs finally arriving at a point where there is just so little oxygen that any of the ‘big fish that go bump in the night’ really aren’t […] Read more »

Low Water Smallmouth On Sugar Creek


CFS is cubic feet per second and on Saturday, July 30th Frank Terkhorn and I headed north to Sugar Creek where the CFS was running at a measly 98; truth is it was the lowest flow and water level we had ever fished ‘the creek’ and I was eager to see how it would all […] Read more »