Pheasant Hunting the PQ Ranch with Jim Merten


While this is a fly fishing site, many of you who have followed for a while know that I have long been an upland bird hunter, pheasants to be very specific. Truth is that I find a large number of similarities between pheasant hunting-following a good bird dog…and chucking a streamer in search of a […] Read more »

2016 – The Year In Review

If you are like the rest…each year Auld Lang Syne is sang on New Year’s Eve; you may not know, but the tradition goes way back, in fact it goes back to the Scottish who would come together on the last day of the year to celebrate Auld Lang Syne (for old times’ sake). They […] Read more »

Four Guys And A Stream


December 9th found Frank Terkhorn, John Morgan, my son Harrison and myself rising early in preparation for a day of fly fishing; we had traveled the night before from Indiana to Lebanon, Missouri, then another eleven miles west to Bennet Spring State Park. We knew the morning would be cold…in fact it was supposed to […] Read more »

Float Tubing Friends


How about this fall? Thus far the weather has been spectacular and recently, Sunday, November 6th, Frank Terkhorn, John Morgan and I got together at a friend’s lake to do a little float tubing (float tube fly fishing) for some bass. As you can see from the photo, we all had our Creek Company ODC […] Read more »

Astoria – The Follow Up to Lewis and Clark

As you may know after reading my column here in The Journal for a while…I am an adventurists, a traveler and someone who loves to read and experience the history of our great nation-The United State of America. Before leaving on my most recent trip to Montana I purchased a copy of a book written […] Read more »

From Blast to Cast – Montana to Iowa

On a recent hunting and fishing trip that I’ve labeled “blast to cast”, I had a special day whereby I took a Montana-Medley of upland game birds; three pheasants, two sharp-tail grouse and one Hungarian Partridge. The next morning I awoke to snow…not just a smattering of the white stuff-but all out snow. In fact […] Read more »