Catching Bluegills From A Float Tube

This video was shot on a Sunday afternoon when I needed to relax and relieve stress…there is no better way than from the seat of a float tube, fly rod in hand…and lots of hungry bluegills below. This is a very simple plan, tie on a size 6 yellow and black bitch creek nymph to a 2 weight fly rod…make casts….retrieve nice gills and stress will leave your body. If you aren’t a float tuber…then check the Creek Company’s ODC 420 out and get going…what are you waiting on?


    • Jeff
    • May 13, 2014

    Nice work on the video and well explained sir. I will be taking out my youngest son on his first float tube trip very soon. We will target the gills when we are out, it will make for a fun afternoon of fishing I am sure of it.

      • Jeff
      • July 15, 2014

      Glad you liked it….no better way to start a young person than fly fishing from a float tube. Try a weighted bitch creek nymph or weighted spider pattern…maybe size 8 or so ( bigger the fly will take out those small pesky Gil’s) so…go even as big as a 6 or 4 to ensure you’re getting good takes from bigger fish! I like to match fly rod with fish and big bluegills on a 2 weight is a real blast….have some fun with it!

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