Bennet Spring Video – Catch And Release – 2

The video below is a follow up to the last catch and release video…both were shot in Bennet Spring using my GoPro camera. This video was taken on Monday, December 30th and the temperature at 8am was 7 degrees; I obviously have most of the stream to myself and the fishing was pretty good. I used my head mount for this video and it gives a different perspective and angle. I think you will enjoy the scenery as well…the cold air temps made it both a frosty and steamy morning on the stream. Once again I am stripping streamers…wolly’s in fact and found that, like usual….creme was a good color early and as the sun came overhead I switched to olive. Watch and enjoy…if you haven’t been to Missouri for trout and or smallie fishing….then make plans as it is a great state to bend a rod in.

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