Bass Tourney For The Volleyball Team

Most of you, the readers of this column, will know that I am a teacher at Edgewood High School and also the volleyball coach; lots of hats and sometimes these hats cross each other…such is the case this upcoming June 15th, as the Edgewood Volleyball team is going to be putting on a bass tourney to raise funds for our annual pilgrimage to Michigan for a week of volleyball play and training.

On June 15th, at Lake Lemon, the volleyball team will be hosting a “Three Fish Shootout”, two person bass tourney…and we could use your help in a few ways (100% of the profits will go directly to the 12 athletes who will be traveling to Michigan). First and foremost, if you are a bass fisherman and would like to participate in the tournament, you can download an entry form here or you can phone Wayne Wells at 812-322-1000. The tourney is limited to the first 25 boats that sign up. Wayne is a local fisherman and husband of one of my former great volleyball players, Kendra Bartlett, who played for me in the late 90’s and helped us win back to back sectional titles in 97 and 98. You can also email me and I will send you the entry in an attachment. The price for the tourney is going to be $100 per boat and we will be paying back the first 5 places in the event.

If you haven’t followed the volleyball team the past few years we have had some good success as the teams have won the sectional and regional title both in 2011 and 2012…our trip to Michigan has been a key to the success of the team. Not only do we get to play a dozen or so matches over the three days but the athletes themselves get to go to individual skills training each morning in their respective areas (hitters, setters, defensive specialists) etc….this time together as a team is irreplaceable and as you can probably guess can be expensive so any help from the community is very much appreciated.

Another way that community members can help the team with the bass tourney is to donate any items that could be raffled off during the weigh in time frame. There will be members of our volleyball team there selling raffle tickets and any and all items that could be donated would be greatly appreciated. Once again, anyone who would like to help or who has items to donate to our cause can contact me directly at me email address above.

I am sure that June 15th sounds like a long ways off as we sit here in the midst of a long and cold winter season…but things will start to happen quickly; good fishing is just a few weeks off as soon our water temps will start to climb upward and bass and other local fish will start to put on the feedbag. Our June 15th tourney will give you and your partner a chance to show off your stuff, have a great day on the water and help a great cause all at the same time. So…come on, grab your fishing gear, join us in June as we all Enjoy the Great Outdoors.

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